Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CNRS position

After months of efforts, project writing and presentation rehearsals, I was selected to be hired as a CNRS researcher!

This permanent position starts in October and will be located in Institut Lumière et Matière (Light and Matter Institute) lab in Lyon University. I am so relieved to obtain a stable research position! Postdoc life is not bad but it lacks stability.

I am looking forward to join the new lab, but in the meanwhile I have stuff to do, especially now that I can focus back on science.
  • get the paper about the wrinkling yoghurt accepted somewhere
  • finish a paper pending since I left Tokyo 2 years and a half ago
  • get rheological measurements done for the collaboration with next door chemists (can't talk about it, patent application pending)
  • finalise minute understanding of yoghurt fracture and synaeresis by new confocal experiments
Because after that I will have to start my new project...