Monday, October 24, 2011

A log, a journal

This blog creation was triggered a few minutes ago by a discussion with a friend and former researcher. He told me that, now that he has left the academic world, he sees how academics, especially young academics, are dependant on other's point of view.
I want to be recognised for what I do, but I have to wait for months of peer-review process before my work is publicised outside of my lab. I want to talk about what is my daily experience of research, but my peers are interested in my results.

Recently I watched again The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, this is everyday science. The writing of theses documentaries is so good : always you get hooked by the problem theses men are facing, whether a mystery of nature or a technical difficulty. And at the end, they can say "this is not much, but we are the first to do it". The humanity in science.
I admired them as a kid, I admire them even more now that I am doing research in an a priori much less glamourous field of science. Anyway, they are my ideal and I'll try my best.

So, here is the medium : a blog.

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